10800791-handpaintingOur mission is to provide high quality, professional and educational services. Dedicated to helping children from all walks of life develop important early childhood skills, we strive to prepare children for kindergarten by advancing bilingualism as well as reading and writing readiness. Through a comprehensive, skillfully prepared Educational Program taught in a loving, caring & friendly environment, we support parents in developing enthusiastic, confident, socially responsible children who flourish to reach their highest potential. Our goal is to offer only the best for our children. Uncompromising quality in everything we do!


Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children are encouraged to explore their intellectual, emotional and creative capacities, through play, communication and physical activity. Our daycare foster’s coactive and shared learning by helping children to develop respect for themselves, others, and their world.

It is also our goal to ensure that we instill all of the following qualities, responsibility, respect, politeness, creativity, self-confidence, independence motor skills, language development and social skills in your children. Our program is completely bilingual. We are convinced that exposing young children to French and English greatly promotes language development. We are here to help them grow and with your help we have no doubt that this goal is easily attainable.




We believe that children are the future. As a team of educators, we are dedicated to love and nurture children by working in partnership with parents and family. We consider ourselves as a form of extension to the family of the child. We aim to improve the lives of every child in a spirit of love, tolerance, cooperation and good intentions.