15261891-todlerOur specially designed Infant classroom offers your child a warm, caring and stimulating environment nurturing them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at their own pace while developing a sense of security and trust.

We set objectives for all our classes, even for the babies!


Babies will learn to:

  • Develop attachment links with adults other than their parents and close family
  • Be in contact with children the same age
  • Explore their environment with their five senses, like tasting and    appreciating different foods
  • Develop new abilities: sit, crawl, walk, hold their bottle alone, eat alone, go to sleep alone, etc.
  • Interact gradually with their educator: smile, point their finger, say more please, etc.
  • Discover new activities that help to develop new skills:
  • Listen to stories to develop their language
  • Sing songs and play with instruments to develop their musical expression
  • Finger painting to develop dexterity and creativity
  • Throw and catch a ball to socialize and develop motor skills
  • Learning hygiene like not putting toys in their mouths

We establish a basic schedule that we adapt to each baby and we integrate the unique routine you developed with your child.