Big Kids

girl-puppetThe main objective of the big kid’s class is to prepare the students for kindergarten. Through age appropriate lessons, children learn to write, use letters and numbers and work together to develop their knowledge of the world around them





Big kids will learn to:

  • Show respect for themselves, their teachers and their friends through, for example, discussions of right vs. wrong and role-play
  • Dress themselves: zip, button, tie their shoes…
  • Keep their cubbies clean
  • Observe school rules: no yelling, no running, setting the example for younger children
  • Communicate in a civil and constructive manner: sorry, please, thank you…
  • Be patient and waiting their turn: raise their hands for example
  • Be bilingual
  • Continue to practice hygiene and table manners
  • Write their own name
  • Identify letters, numbers, months, seasons, colors, shapes. Even if children are not ready to read at this age, they are beginning to understand and learning is done through repetition, flashcards and games.
  • Develop awareness of the world around them through geography, learning about different countries, cultures, making cultural cuisine, listening to world music…
  • Express their personal feelings on a subject through artistic interpretation and representation
  • Participate in chores necessary to take care of their class and school: watering plants, cleaning after meals…